our spring collection, including the new madeline dress, is now live!

the picture that started it all.


and there it is, the photo that started it all. 

let me preface this blog post ( our very first lavender & lillie blog post! ) by saying, i am apparently very inspired by food. i mean, at least for this portion of spring inspiration. 

from what i vaguely remember, i was sitting on my phone one night. a night much like any other, and i decided i better start figuring out the colour schemes for spring. so, i did what any other woman in this day and age does. i opened pinterest ( obviously ) and began scouring all the pins in the universe. somehow, i stumbled upon that photo of the rainbow pastel cotton candy, and it was game on. decisions had been made. just like that. thanks pinterest!

and with that, the downward spiral into the never ending pinning began. somehow, at the end of the night i had filled an entire new and secret board with all the inspiration i needed. which ended up being all different photos of foods.. and the occasional drink. no, sorry. lets clarify. it was really just all baked goods. mostly sweets. but what can i say?

i'm not exactly sure what that says about me. i'm also not really sure what this insanely random blog post says about me either. but here we are, looking at photos of food that i used as inspiration for bows and dresses.

hi, my name is carly! and i might not make sense, but welcome to my thought process and my first blog post. 

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