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l&l club f.a.q.

what do i get each month?

bow club - each month you'll receive a minimum of 1 'large' item (a jumbo bow or similar) and 2 'small' items (schoolgirl bow or pinwheel bow). 

scrunchie club - each month you'll receive a minimum of 2 scrunchies

at our discretion additional items may be included on a month-by-month basis. we offer no guarantees of how often these will be included and could contain but are not limited to new product ideas, additional quantities or variations on already included items, or other promotional products.

do i get to choose my fabrics or colours?

no. the fabrics and colours used in membership packages are carefully curated by Carly and will change from month to month. these include limited edition, vintage, and other unique fabrics.

when do i get charged?

your first package is billed when you sign up and each follow-up payment is charged on the 15th of the month.

when does it ship?

every order is handmade and hand packed and ships approximately 1 week after the billing date. to keep shipping free, packages are shipped in padded mailer envelopes.

side note: if you know how to ship actual boxes across the country for less than $14/ea let us know!

what about my first package?

your first package will ship after the next available billing cut-off on the 15th of the month. the first ever club package will ship in january 2019!

 - sign up between december 16 and january 15: first package ships on or around january 21
 - sign up between january 16 and february 15: first package ships on or around february 21

can i order a gift subscription?

yes! we offer gift and prepaid subscription options and the longer you subscribe the more you save. simply check the "prepaid subscription?" box on the product page and select your subscription length.

how do i get early access to website drops?

active members will get advance notice by email of website exclusive launches and announcements. some products will only be visible to subscribers or have subscriber exclusive launch windows.

i've moved / want to change payment method / update my account

staying up to date is the best way to ensure you never miss a package! sign in to your store account and manage your subscription here

i want to cancel my membership

we're very sorry to see you go! if you need to cancel just sign in to your store account and manage your subscription here 

how about refunds?

membership packages are billed on the 15th of the month and shipped approximately 1 week later. because these items are handmade there are no refunds once packages are shipped.

if you have been billed in error or have other circumstances requiring a refund please contact us at hello@lavenderandlilliehandmade.com and we will be happy to assist you.



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